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ABC to double up on new episodes of ‘The Quest’

ABC to double up on new episodes of ‘The Quest’

The following is not a particular shock to us, but that does not make it any less sad to us in the slightest: ABC is going to be doubling up on all future new episodes of “The Quest,” and will be airing them in two-hour blocks starting on Thursday night. The reason for this is pretty simple:…

Such a shame. When I saw that this was on, I wished I had heard of it to be part of it. As long as we get to see the full show to its conclusion I don’t care that it is 2 episodes at a time. That doesn’t bother me as much as just plain cancelling it and never seeing the conclusion.

What is this weird show


The Quest on ABC, these people are pretending “save” the magical Kingdom of Everealm, and it’s so awkward.

But big brother, survivor, amazing race, bachelor,… These shows you don’t have a single problem with?

So living out a dream of basically starring in a fantasy quest in the vein of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones etc. is ridiculous? Being able to say you were part of something you never dreamed could be possible even if just play, is dumb?

Seriously, you have lost what makes you human. You have lost what makes you unique. And I feel sad for you.

  • Track Name

    The Ballad of Everealm

  • Artist

    Bonnie Gordon


Bonnie was so inspired by #TheQuest, she wrote a song for Everealm, seen on last night’s episode! 

Listen to the “The Ballad of Everealm” now!

"The Ballad of Everealm"

Written and Performed by:

Bonnie Gordon

Arranged and Featuring: 

Joseph WindowsToSky 

Violin and Cello:

Wicked Warren

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